NIKA Enterprise, LLC
Carla A. Russo
Principal Consultant

Ms. Russo holds an MS degree in Computer Information Systems, along with an extensive background across multiple industries – including retail, education, healthcare, not for profit operated, human services, banking and finance, energy, technical services and outcomes research. Carla has the experience to work with small, to mid-size, to corporate enterprise businesses. With over sixteen years of SQL programming, data analysis, data integration and migration, along with report development experience, Carla also brings her managerial background to the forefront in helping clients to better diagnose and meet their needs. Having started her career as an end user herself, Carla has the ability to put herself in your place and help you to better define your needs.


More Information:

NIKA Enterprise, LLC provides professional database consulting services to help you analyze your business, architect a design, test and implement SQL Server best practices solutions. We can also help you assess your current data structures, construct database positions and get you started by performing initial candidate phone screenings. Our approach is to focus on process, technology and resource-enabled, high quality, cost effective solutions. We're here to help you understand and manage your systems. NIKA Enterprise, LLC follows the principle that our success is built upon the success of our clients. By partnering with you, we provide the best solutions necessary to evaluate your business, enabling you to better serve your customers.
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