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Our Specialties
To be successful in today's competitive marketplace, organizations need not only to collect data, but to use that data to gain a competitive advantage, to offer exceptional service, to spot trends, to find your market, review your outcomes and develop long term goals. Data Analytics is now a key component to doing business and is no longer optional. So whether you're a small independent shop or a large corporation, you need Data Analytics, which means, you need to develop a dedicated strategy to collect and use your data. 

NIKA Enterprise, LLC can help. We know what it takes to understand your business. We can help you in the following ways:

Business Analysis
Analyze your business needs
Help the business users define requirements
Document and translate requirements

Data Analysis 
Data cleansing 
Data transformation
Data integrity
Data mapping

Data Architecture 
Data modeling 
Data standards

Data Migration 
Extracting data from one system, transforming it and loading into another system

Data Warehousing 
Creating central data repositories from disparate systems

Dashboard development
Report Management 
Publishing content to report server for public consumption 
Configuring data settings 
Setting up report execution (on demand, cached instanced and snapshots) 
Delivering reports via standard and data driven subscriptions 
Administering and monitoring report executions and subscriptions 
Manipulating the server configuration files 
Report server administration

Assesing current database related structures
Defining employee positions
Help in screening candidates
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